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The Body room

The Body Room is an interactive art project for women, co-created by myself and Katherine Brown

The Body Room is a private space for women to consider their own bodies and express themselves artistically. We provide our guests an hour in complete privacy, in a room with paper on the walls and floor, and a table of art supplies. Whatever our guests do in The Body Room during their hour is up to them-- they can dance, paint, write, sing, roll around; we only want them to feel free and safe. 

The Body Room was installed in Valencia, July 2019, and in Peckham, South London, March 2020.

We want to bring this project to communities around the world, so please reach out if your community would enjoy The Body Room!


Learn more here: https://bodyroomproject.com/

and follow our instagram: @the_body_room


"Colonia Valencia" 

In Valencia, I have been deeply fortunate to meet and be part of the women's group "Colonia Valencia". It is a branch of the global project Colonia Roma, which takes its name from the neighbourhood in Mexico City of artists, and friends, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna.


We are artists and art-lovers from all over the world who meet regularly to share art, ideas, and inspiration. We have formed meaningful friendships and collaborations between ourselves, and this has been a support system unlike one I've experienced in any other city I've lived in. 

Meet us at https://coloniaroma.wordpress.com/


Art Modeling

Since 2010, I have taken part in the most transformative experience of my life: art modeling. 

After I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, I returned to my roots in the traditional art ateliers. However, I needed to make some money so I took some work as an art model and fell in love with the practice. I soon moved to New York City and was modeling full-time. I continued this career until 2015, when I began pursuing my own artwork, much of which was inspired by my time on the model stand. 

Art modeling helped me heal from a life of self-esteem issues, and connected me with artists and models who influenced my life and art practice in the most positive ways. 

Art models are considered "collaborators" in the traditional art environment, and I truly feel not only part of the process, but part of art history when I am modeling. 

I continue to model in every city I live in, and I have made it part of my practice to introduce others to the benefits of art modeling through the weekly drawing groups I run. 


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