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Figure drawing

I feel very strongly that drawing the figure is an important tenet of art practice. It keeps us in touch with empathy, humanity, and nature.

From New York, to rural Virginia, to Valencia, Spain, I have always organized drawing groups for artists of all levels. 

I organize my weekly drawing groups and classes through Meetup.com. ​

                 Find them here!: 

private tutoring

I have years of experience teaching artists of all ages. 

Now, living in Valencia, I have 10 private students a week. I enjoy tailoring my lessons to their particular skills and interests, while being sure to inject solid foundational practices and art history.


I am always open to new students, including from afar! I have developed correspondence classes that can be sent around the world! 


Please contact me if you are interested in private tutoring for yourself or your young artist!:


Gesture mapping

Gesture Mapping is an exercise, workshop, and exploration. Developed originally at the Art Students League of New York as a classroom exercise, Gesture Mapping is now both a workshop I teach, and a personal developing project.


In this immersive exercise, I work as both model and instructor simultaneously and ask students to break down their walls and take part in a potentially new way to approach their drawing experience. A series of exercises bend the traditional structure of drawing the model in space, create a more friendly and open relationship with the drawn line, and emphasize empathy in drawing.


Composition of the page, spacial relationships, memory, and gesture are thread-lines throughout this exercise. Students ultimately are asked to draw using their whole bodies and interact with the model/instructor in a profoundly different way than they may be used to. 

Gesture Mapping has been taught and performed at various art schools, universities, and events in the United States.


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