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The Exposure Therapy project uses nipple stickers as an accessible and friendly form of resistance to the oppression of the female body.


It endeavors to change the way society regards the female/femme body by exposing the hypocrisy of its censorship.

Begun in 2017, the project has reached over 28 countries and continues grow as a movement. It has been awarded a grant by the Awesome Foundation, and is increasingly covered by journalists, most recently in an article by Foto Femme United (here). 

Learn more about the project at

and on instagram: @NIPeoPLE

"Oppression of women takes many forms, one of which is the notion that our bodies alone are pornographic. Fear, stigma, society, danger, and misinformation work together to create a narrative that our bodies are sex itself—provocative, offensive, obscene, and disorderly. This, in turn, generates a world which is in fact dangerous for us who happen to possess a female/femme body. The most obvious example of the inequality and hypocrisy is the censorship of the female nipple. A female nipple alone is not pornography, it’s not even gendered but none-the-less is targeted for censorship and body-shaming. The Exposure Therapy project endeavors to correct this narrative, and thereby create a safer and more equal world for women."

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